2017 October Conference


This year the ATA was in Halifax and offered dynamic workshops and the chance to meet as a professional organization to discuss the changing roles of educators and to hold its AGM.  The 2017 conference took place at a variety of great art locales in the HRM.


View our gallery for some highlights of the conference workshops: 2017 ATA Conference Gallery

Given the multi-location format, it was decided to hold the AGM at a central location before the sessions began. After a brief nutrition break, participants traveled to the various workshops beginning at 10:00.  The sessions included the opportunity for an hour-long lunch/nutrition break around noon and then resumed until wrap up at 3:00.


8:45 –  Oxford School ATA AGM
Nutrition Break
10:00 -  Various locales for start of session
12:00 -  Lunch Break (not provided)
1:00   -  Session resumes
3:00   -  End of Session

           Complete reflection/evaluation form and collect receipt.

A wide variety of workshops were hosted at the ATA 2017 conference. For a list of the workshops view the ATA Workshop Summary.

Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds, some with degrees in Visual Arts, others with no formal training.  All however, come with an interest and curiosity to learn more, and are looking for new ideas to take back into the classroom; they are happy to roll up their sleeves, get messy and make art.     

"Failure and its' accompanying misery is for the artist his most vital source of creative energy." Montgomery Clift