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Welcome to the Art Teachers of Nova Scotia website. We have created this site to strengthen communication with members and to offer support and resources towards enhancing the experience of teaching and learning visual art. As well the website provides information on the annual ATA Conference. Learn more ABOUT US

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ATA Conference 2019

Each year the ATA October Conference brings art teachers from across Nova Scotia together to share, experience and discuss fine arts. The October 2019 ATA Conference was very successful. Visit our gallery to see some of the workshop highlights.

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The Art Teachers Association of Nova Scotia is lead by a team of teachers from across the province. We are comitted to developing a sucessful, enriching, engaging conference. As well we are trying to establish better communication with teachers province-wide in order to create meaningful discussions about file arts and the important role it plays in education.

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We value creativity in teaching and in learning. We are building an online repository of resources that can be used in the clasroom and as professional development tools. Please submit any resources you have found to share with our teachers. Together we can support education in Nova Scotia through communicatin and sharing.

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Toyoto Dream Car Art Contest

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Contact us if you have questions or wish to share resources. Join us on social media!